Lincoln Art Center

126 East Lincoln
Lincoln, Kansas  67455
(785) 524-3241

Tuesday - Friday: Noon - 4PM
Saturday: 9AM - Noon

Lincoln Art Center Map

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Lincoln Art Center - Lincoln, Kansas
Lincoln Art Center
Lincoln Art Center - Lincoln, Kansas

The Lincoln Art Center in Lincoln, Kansas is a modest sized art center that has been open since 1993. It has a main gallery which hosts exhibitions by local, state & regional artists (occasionally national exhibits). The Center also hosts community activities, classes, and the Lincoln Arts and Humanities Foundation permanent collection.

For a visitor, the Lincoln Art Center is mostly about temporary exhibits, with only a few permanent displays (which are rotated). My favorite part of the Art Center is the very nice gift shop with arts and crafts from various (mostly regional artists. There is a new temporary exhibit each month.

The temporary displays when I visited the Lincoln Art Center when we visited the gallery were the works of three Baldwin City artists: Stephan Anderson-Story (photographs), Joseph Anderson-Story (whimsical pottery and glass), and Tracy Townsley (pottery). 

Admission to the Lincoln Art Center is free.

Lincoln Art Center main gallery
main gallery

Pete Felten sculpture
"Buffalo" by Pete Felten who has the The Stone Gallery in Hays, Kansas

Tracy Townsley pottery
pottery by Tracy Townsley

Lincoln Art Center gift shop
gift shop

John Buckner woodburning art
Fine wood burning in the Lincoln Art Center gift shop by John Buckner Imperial, Nebraska

Hanie Tubbs clay instruments and jewelery
Clay whistles & drums by Hanie Tubbs of Bethany College in Lindsborg and hand turned pens by John Buckner

Lincoln Art Center Map - Lincoln, Kansas
Lincoln Art Center Map

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