Michael Steven Gallery

139 West Lincoln Avenue
Lincoln, Kansas 67455
(785) 201 4826

Monday - Friday: 10:30 AM - 5PM
Open by appointment on weekends

Michael Steven Gallery Map
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Michael Steven Studeo
Michael Steven Gallery - Lincoln, Kansas
The Michael Steven Gallery is one of the newest offerings in Lincoln, Kansas, a community that is rapidly becoming an art and history destination. The gallery occupies a portion of the Village Lines shop and shares the same hours.

Michael's studio is behind the artist's home a few blocks away and is not normally open to the public. Michael is creating wonderful functional art from laminated wood. He has a degree in visual communication from the Art Institute of Houston and has worked as a commercial artist, but his work has a whimsical sense and energy which reminds me of grassroots art.

Michael began woodworking through building stairs, a craft which he says provided a link between his art training and woodworking. His named his first concept table, "The Canyon Contour".

We were introduced to Michael Steven Beggs in February, by well known Lincoln grassroots artist, Jim Dickerman, whose Soaring Heart Gallery is located next door to the Michael Steven Studio. 

The new Michael Steven Gallery was opened this summer on Lincoln's main street  following a successful exhibit at the the Village Lines. The space used for the new wood sculpture gallery was formerly a barber shop and Michael joyfully points to the spot where the gangster Pretty Boy Floyd once received a haircut.

Michael Steven Beggs
Michael Steven Beggs in his woodworking studio in Lincoln, Kansas


Mystic jars and open bowls in the Michael Steven Studio

Canyon Whisper by Michael Steven
Canyon Whisper - Brazilian cherry, American cherry and Lyptus hardwood product

dreams of OZ - wood sculpture by Michael Steven
Dreams of OZ has a LED display beneath the glass ball which moves as it plays a DVD of the Wizard of OZ movie

Linda Lipp, Michael Steven
Linda and Michael examine a couple of his beautiful mystic jars

Michael Steven Gallery
The Michael Steven Gallery is located at the Village Lines and is open when the giftshop is open

Michael Steven Gallery Map - Lincoln, Kansas
Michael Steven Gallery Map

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