Soaring Heart Gallery
Home of J. R. Dickerman's Creature Creations

Lincoln, Kansas
(785) 384-0616

Open by appointment

Kansas Grassroots folk art 

Soaring Heart Gallery - Lincoln, Kansas
Soaring Heart Gallery is the home and studio of J. R. Dickerman, who has lined the highways of Lincoln County with an Open Range Zoo made up of his "Creature Creations." 

The first time that I visited the Soaring Heart Gallery, it was in a rural trailer near Beverly, Kansas that served as Jim's home and studio. The yard was filled with odd creations and creatures, and when I got out of the car, one of the creatures welcomed me. Then Jim took off the mask and introduced himself. Jim introduced me to his two small, friendly dogs, then showed me around the studio which takes up one end of a mobile home.

That studio was damaged in a fire and Jim Dickerman is building a new studio in nearby Lincoln. The studio is filled with more creatures, masks & costumes. Many of these smaller creations are made from bone, animal skulls, and feathers. Crazy, wonderful stuff that deserves a wider audience. Most of creations have names, and Jim is glad to explain from what items they are made.

Out in the yard are the larger creatures, many of them made from old farm equipment, although any object may find its way into one of Jim Dickerman's creations.

To schedule a visit to the Soaring Heart Gallery, call Jim Dickerman at (785) 384-0616 or email

JR Dickerman in costume
JR Dickerman waiting for mw to visit his new Lincoln, Kansas location

guitar collage
Recently Jim has been doing collage work, such as this guitar

This Lincoln home is being turned into the new Soaring Heart Gallery

JR saying "good-bye"

The remaining photos on these two pages were taken at the original gallery in Beverly, but many of these pieces are still on exhibit at the new Lincoln location.


Old Harvester parts become art
This friendly little fellow is made from parts of the Harvester that makes
J.R. Dickerman's largest creature: "Dream Dragon IV The Harvestor"

This weight lifter rocks and turns with the wind. Many of Jim's creatures move with the wind.

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