Soaring Heart Gallery
Home of J. R. Dickerman's Creature Creations

Lincoln, Kansas
(785) 384-0616

Open by appointment

Kansas Grassroots folk art 


Soaring Heart Gallery in Lincoln, Kansas is the home and studio of grassroots artist, J. R. Dickerman, who has lined the highways of Lincoln County with an Open Range Zoo made up of his "Creature Creations."

Jim has created an incredible number and variety of masks and costumes. On Halloween in 2005, he wore over 20 of them in a three hour period in downtown Beverly, Kansas. For Halloween in 2006 he did something similar at the theater in Lucas, Kansas. Wish I could have been there!

More of Jim Dickerman's Creature Creations can be seen and purchased at the Grassroots Art Center in Lucas.



Jim Dickerman
Jim Dickerman holding one of his hand crafted masks

"Flying Viking Man"




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