Eagle Day
Milford Nature Center

3415 Hatchery Drive
Junction City, Kansas 66441
(785) 238-5323

January 27, 2024

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Eagle Day - Milford Nature Center
Eagle Days - Milford Lake
Spotting scopes for viewing the eagles on the ice in the distance.

Eagle Day has been moved to January 27, 2024 because of conflicts. 

Eagle Day at Milford Nature Center near Junction City, Kansas takes place on a Saturday in January. At one time it was a two day event and the name (with the plural) has never changed. When checking for info about the current year's event, be careful that you do not look at old schedules, several of them are still up on the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism web site. After being canceled due to Covid or warm weather (resulting in fewer eagles present) for 3 years, the event has been back in 2023 & 2024.

Milford Eagle Day is 5 hours of free events. Activities usually include the Nature Center being open (it is otherwise closed in winter), programs with live eagles and other live raptors, kid's activities & crafts, free admission to Milford State Park, free bus rides to eagle viewing and free hot chocolate. 

In 2024 they will be live bird of prey presentations at 9:15AM, 10:30AM & Noon, and guided bus trips to spot wild eagles around the lake at 9AM, 10:15AM & 11:30AM. Food will be available.

No registration is necessary!

There were many eagles present during the 2015 event that is pictured on this page, but they were all at great distances. It was not necessary to take a bus to view the eagles, though the bus did take visitors to locations where binoculars and spotting scopes were available to better view the eagles.

Although some eagles nest in the summer at Milford Lake, the large number of birds which are seen here in winter have come here from farther north, to find open water where the fish and waterfowl which provide most of their diet can be caught.

If you wish to drive your own vehicle into Milford State Park, you will need a vehicle pass. Those can be purchased at the Milford State Park self pay kiosk

This photo of eagles is taken with a long lens from the location the bus stopped. At least 13 eagles were visible at the same time.

bald eagles at Milford Reservoir
The closest that eagles could be seen was from the dam, but the birds were still far away.
The eagle at left is mature, while the immature bird at the right does not yet have adult plumage.

barn owl at Milford Nature Center - Junction City, Kansas
Family posing with a barn owl in the Milford Nature Center.

Great Horned Owls
Great horned owl (Bubo virginianus) at the Raptors of Kansas program

golden eagle and bald eagle at Milford Nature Center
Golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) & bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalu) on display between programs.

Turtles - Milford Nature Center
Viewing turtles in the nature center

Milford Nature Center
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