Milford Fish Hatchery & Nature Center

3415 Hatchery Drive
Junction City, Kansas 66441
(785) 238-5323

Weekdays 9AM to 4:30PM (year around)
Weekends 1PM to 5PM (April - September only)

Milford Eagle Days Milford Nature Center Map

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Milford Fist Hatchery and Nature Center - Junction City, Kansas
Milford Nature Center and butterfly house
Milford Nature Center - Junction City, Kansas

The Milford Nature Center near Junction City, Kansas is located below the dam impounding the 16,200 acre Milford Reservoir. The nature center provides many things for visitors including live animal exhibits (fish, birds, animals, reptiles & amphibians), taxidermic specimens of same, nature trails, a butterfly house (open from late May through early October), playground, and a picnic shelter.

The nature center sits next to a Milford Fish Hatchery where visitors are permitted to walk through the outdoor portions of the hatchery. The nutrient rich water coming out of the lake is so cloudy that few fish can be seen in the concrete raceways. In addition to fiberglass tanks and the raceways, Milford Hatchery has six one acre plastic lined ponds that are used to raise sport fish. Hatchery tours are offered Saturday and Sunday at 1:30 p.m. in April and May and at other times by appointment.

The nature center promotes hands on activities and also sponsors special events during the year, notably Eagle Day in January.

Warning: Other than special events, the Milford Nature Center is closed during weekends from October to March.

Live animals and hands on exhibits

Milford Fish Hatchery - Milfrod Lake
Milford Fish Hatchery concrete raceways

Monarch butterfly - Milford Nature Center butterfly house
Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) in the butterfly house

Eastern screech owls at Milford Nature Center
Eastern screech owls (Megascops asio)

eastern collared lizard - Milford Nature Center
Eastern collared lizard (Crotaphytus collaris)

Waterfowl taxidermy

Diorama depicting the aquatic system

Birds of prey exhibit at Milford Nature Center - Kansas
Birds of prey exhibit (including both a Bald Eagle and a Golden Eagle)

great horned owl at Milford Nature Center
Great horned owl (Bubo virginianus)

Milford Lake Visitors Center - Junction City, Kansas
 Milford Lake Army Corps of Engineers Visitors Center

Milford Nature Center Map - Junction City, Kansas
Milford Nature Center Map

Milford Eagle Days

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