Mingo GC30
The world's oldest active geocache

County Road 25
Colby, Kansas 67701

Open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Mingo GC30 Map

Kaw Mission State Historic Site

Mingo GC30 The world's oldest active geocache - Colby Kansas
Mingo GC30 The world's oldest active geocache
Mingo GC30 The world's oldest active geocache - Colby Kansas

The World's Oldest Active Geocache is located just off I-70 at exit 62, a little south of Colby, Kansas. "Geocaches" are locations which are located by GPS and this cache is a waterproof container with a logbook for visitors to record their visit, as well as some small trinkets which people may leave or take with them.

This geocache was placed here on May 11, 2000, making it the the 7th cache to be placed anywhere in the world. The coordinates are N 39° 16.677 W 100° 56.621.

Geocaching is a popular hobby where participants use Global Positioning System (GPS) and other clues to find containers, called "geocaches" or "caches" all over the world. There are presently more than 3 million active geocaches worldwide in 191 different countries. The individual code of the world's oldest geocache is GC30. When I pulled up near the cache in August 2022, another car pulled up and a young couple visited the cache. It isn't uncommon for multiple parties to stop here at the same time.

The cache includes a note book where you can leave a message and a variety of trinkets which you are welcome to take. Similarly, you may leave some of you own in the container before sealing and replacing it.

As you approach Mingo, you will see wind turbines that are part of the 276-MW Solomon Forks Wind Project which went active in 2019. Solomon Forks has 105 wind turbines capable of producing 276 MW of clean energy.

Of geocaching sounds ike something you might enjoy, you are invited to join the world's largest treasure hunt. This page has tips and instructions on how to find your first geocache in four simple steps. 

All that a passerby sees of the geocache

The container

The contents

Notebook (there is also a pen)

Trinkets - you are welcome to take one or leave some

A young couple visiting Mingo GC30

Solomon Forks Wind Project - Kansas windmills
Solomon Forks Wind Project

Mingo GC30 Map - Colby Kansas
Mingo GC30 Map

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