Cedar Cove Feline  Sanctuary
3783 Highway K68
Louisburg, Kansas 66053
(913) 837-5515

Tours by appointment only
Saturday & Sunday
$15 for adults     $12 for ages 4 - 12    $10 for 65+
Private weekday tours: $20/person with a $100 minimum

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Tiger (Panthera tigris)
One of the twin boy tigers born at Cedar Cove in 2006  (Panthera tigris)

Cedar Cove Feline Conservation Park in Louisburg, Kansas opened on August 27, 2000 as a preserve for tigers and a refuge for all kinds of big cats which are abandoned, neglected or whose owners are unable to care for them. The park's founder, the late William Pottorff, opened Cedar Cove on donated land. The park is now managed by Steve Klein.

The story of Cedar Cove is constantly evolving. When I first visited the conservation park in 2005, there were 7 tigers and various smaller cats such as leopards, cougars, bobcats and caracals. But Cedar Cove welcomes new species and Larry Fries has a hard time saying no to any animal that needs a home. New species in the park include African lions, servals, and leopard cats, plus non felines such as the white-nosed coati and wolves.

Yes, wolves. A few years ago, Cedar Cove took in an elderly wolf which was being abused by the pack at another conservation park. In the wild, it would have been driven from the pack and died. But a new enclosure was built for the old male wolf and an even larger one enclosure was added. In time, two young wolves were brought to Louisburg so the wolf would not be alone. The old wolf has since passed on, but Cedar Cove continues to be a home to the younger wolves.

These wolves have become very social and show a lot of affection for the staff (as do all of the animals). The volunteers are careful to explain that they are still wild animals and the difference between their captive behavior and what people experience in the wild. These animals would net survive if they were released in the wild.

Cedar Cove is not a zoo - it is primarily concerned with species preservation and providing a home for large cats which can no longer be cared for by their owner or facility. It is impressive that so many volunteers work so hard to preserve a quality of life for these animals.


1 1/2 hour public tours are conducted Saturday and Sunday year around. Tickets are available by advance purchase. $18 for adults, $12 for ages 4 - 12, and $9 for age 65 and older.

1 1/2 hour private tours are conducted weekdays year around, Tickets are available by advance purchase. $20 per person with a $100 minimum.

The only regular hours for visiting the conservation park are on Saturday and Sunday. Be sure to allow at least an hour as a volunteer will take you and a small group on a tour where you will learn a great deal about each animal. 

White tiger - Cave Cove Feline Conservacy
Kimar was a white tiger who came to Cedar Cove in 2009 when the Safari Zoological Park down sized its collection.

lion (Panthera leo)
This young male lion (Panthera leo), named Tonka, was only a few months old when he came to Cedar Cove -
he was 11 months old when this photo was taken in August, 2010.

lion cub
Shanta was a female lion cub who was 5 months old when this photo was taken - 
lions are social animals and she & Tonka were introduced soon after this visit.

African lions at Cedar Cove Park
Tonka and Shanta in 2014 (Prints of this photo)

African leopard (Panthera pardus)
VooDoo is an African leopard (Panthera pardus pardu)

These photos are available for purchase at Keith Stokes Fine Arts Gallery

Tiger photo for sale Kimar the white tiger
Leopard photograph for sale VooDoo the African leopard

BJ introducing a tour to Shadow, who was then the oldest grey wolf (Canis lupus) at Cedar Cove in 2010

Jumping Wolf
Volunteers cannot interact with the animals until they have been at Cedar Cove every week for at least a year

Cedar Cove wolves Kiowa and Lakota
Kiowa and Lakota licking Sarah in 2014

Cedar Cove Feline Sanctuary is located 2.5 miles east of Louisburg, Kansas on K-68 Highway. The public is welcome on Saturdays and Sundays by appointment.

Groups can have a
weekday private tour by apointment

Each visitor or group of visitors have a personally guided tour.

Cedar Cove Feline Conservatory Web site SaveOurSiberians.org

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