Monument Rocks
(Chalk Pyramids)

4 miles east of US-83
25 miles south of Oakley, Kansas

Closed at sunset

Monument Rocks Map

Kansas Geology and Archeology Attractions

Monument Rocks is nominated as one of the eight Wonders of Kansas

Monument Rocks, the Chalk Pyramids - Kansas
Chalk Pyramids and Monument Rocks
Monument Rocks, the Chalk Pyramids - Kansas

The Chalk Pyramids and Monument Rocks are names for the same group of rock outcroppings, near US-83 in western Kansas. There are signs at the turn off (6 miles of gravel roads). You can see the rocks in the distance from the highway if you know where to look.

Like the Castle Rock Badlands, the Monument Rocks are on private range land, but thanks to the owners, open to the public. The United States Department of the Interior has designated the Chalk Pyramids as a National Natural Landmark. 

The 70 feet tall sedimentary formations of Niobrara Chalk were created 80 million years ago when this area was part of a vast inland sea.

Eight Wonders of Kansas

In 2007, the Kansas Sampler Foundation selected Monument Rocks as one of the Eight Wonders of Kansas

Other sites selected as the Eight Wonders of Kansas include the Cathedral of the Plains, Kansas Cosmosphere, Castle Rock, Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve and the Eisenhower Presidential Library.

Monument Rocks are also known as Chalk Pyramids

Charlie the dog monument rock
"Charlie the dog"

Chalk Pyramids and Monument Rocks
Eye of the needle

Caulk Pyramids, Monument Rocks - Kansas Travel

Fossils and shells at Kansas Monument Rocks
layers of shells and other fossils

cattle and monument rocks

This area along the Smoky Hill River has many interesting rock formations. Most are on private property and only visible at a distance, but some, such as the Little Pyramids can be seen from the county roads. Stop at the nearby Keystone Gallery for tips and directions.

Little Chalk Pyramids of Kansas
"Little Pyramids" - 5 miles west of US-83

Monument Rocks, the Chalk Pyramids Map - Kansas
Monument Rocks Map

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