Potwin Place
Neighborhood Christmas Display

SW Greenwood & SW Woodlawn
Topeka, Kansas 66606 

November 24, 2018 - January 4, 2019

Potwin Place Christmas Display Map   History

Topeka Kansas Christmas Display Tour
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Potwin Place International Celebration - Topeka, Kansas
2018 Potwin Place Christmas Theme
Potwin Place Neighborhood Christmas Display - Topeka, Kansas
Potwin Place - Celebrating 150 years

The Potwin Place Neighborhood Christmas Display is one of the most impressive stops on our tour of Topeka holiday lights. This national historic district has 6 blocks of well decorated, beautiful old homes, plus theme displays on the small roundabouts at each intersection. Potwin has an attractive mixture of Victorian, Italianate, and nineteenth century farmhouse style homes on brick streets.

Start the tour driving north on Greenwood Avenue from Willow Avenue (4th Street) 4 blocks to Grove Avenue. West (left) on Grove to Woodlawn Avenue and back south on Woodlawn. New for 2018, there is Christmas music broadcast on 96.9 FM in the district.

Potwin Place has used several themes over the years and repeats a theme using much the same decorations every 5 or 6 years. The 2016 theme set was retired following the season. It was To Christmas with Love, based on the book by Topeka native Bonney Miller. The 2017 Christmas light display theme is Potwin Comes a' Caroling by Ganriella Adorino.

The 2018 Potwin Place Christmas Theme will be International Celebration, the oldest of all the sets.  The set and lights will be setup Saturday morning (11/24) and will be taken down the morning of January 5, 2019. If everything checks out , the volunteers hope to have a low power radio station with Christmas music playing to tune into this year setup by the second week after the setup.

Classic TV - Arthur's Perfect Christmas at Potwin Place
The theme of the roundabout displays changes each year - for 2015 it was "Classic TV Holiday."

Classic TV Christmas - Rudolph at Potwin Place
Rudolph in 2015

The History of the Potwin Place Christmas Displays

In the 1950s, the man who owned 305 Greenwood made small wooden figures for his yard.  He added to them over the years and extended his display into the circle at 2nd and Greenwood. About 20 years later, the owners of 333 Greenwood and others painted the fire hydrants on the traffic circles to look like toy soldiers, and the neighborhood organized the big circle decorations we know today.

Thanks to Carrie Riordan for help with this history.

Potwin Place Neighborhood Christmas Display
The home at the left has been one of our favorites year after year.

Potwin Place Christmas display - Topeka, Kansas
This home is on a corner lot and looks interesting from various angles.

England: Yule Log
This roundabout display and the following two are from 2008 when the displays were very elaborate
and the theme was An International Celebration. They were brought back in 2013.

Spain: Naciminto - Christmas in Spain
Spain Nacimento

Sweden: Lucia Day - December 13
Sweden Lucia Day

329 SW Woodlawn Avenue in Potwin Place, Topeka
329 SW Woodlawn Avenue in 2018

Potwin Place Christmas Display Map - Topeka, Kansas
Potwin Place Christmas Display Map

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