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Topeka Christmas Light Displays - Topeka, Kansas
Here are many of the Topeka, Kansas Christmas light displays worth going out of your way to see. Click on the photos for larger images or links to pages devoted to the displays. All displays have been verified for 2013 and those which were not up by December 8 have been removed. 

A map outlining a tour of all of these holiday displays is at the bottom of this page.

Special thanks go to my support team (Dean, Dottie, Lyle, Mary  and Linda) who have navigated, drove, and otherwise assisted in the Topeka Christmas Display tour for five years. It is good having native guides and they make the tour much more fun.

Topeka Kansas Christmas Light Displays
Snowy Holiday Display
Snowy Holiday Display - Topeka, Kansas
This Snowy Holiday Display on North Kansas Avenue is new to the tour in 2013. This display seems to be all about winter, with icicles, white trees and many snowmen. Only one of the snowmen are lighted, but the others show up in the street light from Kansas Avenue. 

Please email if you know more about this holiday display.

A. 1719 North Kansas Avenue, Topeka, Kansas 66608

Staffordshire Road Christmas Displays
In 2012, three homes in a row formed a major Christmas Light Displays in the 3000 block of Staffordshire on the southwest side of Topeka. For 2013, there are only two, but there is still a lot to see. Either of these displays would be worthy of inclusion on this holiday light tour on its own. 

The display at 3032 is produced by Pam and Terry Fleck.

L. 3032 SW Staffordshire Road, Topeka, Kansas 66614

Kingman Christmas Village      Must See!
Kingman Christmas Village - Topeka, Kansas
For over 20 years, the Kenny and Virginia Kingman Christmas Display has grown until nearly 30,000 lights fill their large north Topeka yard. It takes most of a month to set up the many cutout figures and buildings which populate the fictional town of "Nowheresville." This is one of the most impressive holiday displays that I have seen anywhere. Be sure drive around the alley behind the house to see more of the decorations.

B. 1935 NW Polk Street, Topeka, Kansas 66608

Moundview Drive Holiday Display
Moundview Drive Holiday Display - Topeka, Kansas
This display at the corner of 29th Street and Moundview Drive is a little small to be included on this tour, but the tour passes right past the home during a long stretch without other featured Christmas displays. It is quite attractive.

If you can tell us more about this Christmas light display, please email the details.

M. 2900 SW Moundview Drive, Topeka, Kansas 66614

Walker Family Christmas Display
Walker Family Christmas Display - Topeka, Kansas
We stumbled across the Walker Family Christmas Display during our retracing of the 2010 tour. The original display includes many cut out cartoonish figures and all of the raindeer. The keeps it from showing well in this image but it is quite impressive.

If you can tell me more about this Christmas light display, please email the details.

C. 1434 NW Harrison, Topeka, Kansas 66608

Virginia Avenue Holiday Display
This home on Virginia Avenue has display after display in different parts of the yard: gingerbread men & houses, snowmen, penguins, and a crèche with wonderful angels. It was much changed in 2009 with a large new nativity and moving life sized Santa on a throne. The loss of a family pet, shortly before Christmas, kept this home from being decorated in 2011, but it is back better than ever in 2012.

N. 2947 SE Virginia Avenue, Topeka, Kansas 66605

Broadmoor Avenue Homes
Broadmoor Avenue Christmas Displasy.
This large Nativity display at the corner of Eugene & Grant appears to be hand made. We have never seen its like before. It was discovered while verifying other light displays and is new to the Topeka tour for 2013.

If you can tell me more about this Eugene Street Nativity Display, please email the details.

D. 1293 NW Eugene Street, Topeka, Kansas 66608 

30th & Virginia Avenue Holiday Display
This home on Virginia Avenue is just two doors from the previous display. It has drawn our attention for several years, but they stepped up their game in 2011 and were added to this tour. The display includes flashing lights coordinated with music. There is another nice Christmas display, which includes an Eiffel Tower, just two doors east at 1023 SE 30th Street.

N. 2947 SE Virginia Avenue, Topeka, Kansas 66605

Topeka Bible Church Light Show
Topeka Bible Church Annual Drive-In Christmas Light Show - Kansas The Topeka Bible Church Annual Drive-In Christmas Light Show tells the Christmas story with a sound and light show which is viewed from parked cars. On December 20, 21, 22 they will do performances every hour on the hour from 6-9PM with live musicians in the building's windows (see photo above). December 16 - January 1 they use recorded music from dusk until midnight. The 2010 show was the world premier of Kansas Christmas by Kerry Livgren of the rock band Kansas. 

F. 1135 SW College Avenue, Topeka, Kansas 66604

California Avenue Christmas Light Display
This California Avenue Christmas display is on a huge lot at the northwest corner of California and SE 36th Street. The sprawling display continues around to the back of the home. When checked on December 1, 2012, the display was a bit smaller than it is in this 2009 photo. It is no longer quite large enough to be included in this tour, but there are also 5 other displays along California Avenue which are nearly as large.

O. 3527 SE California Avenue, Topeka, Kansas 66605

Potwin Place        Must See!
Potwin Place Neighborhood Christmas Display - Topeka, Kansas
The Potwin Place Neighborhood Christmas Display is the most visited stop on our tour of Topeka holiday lights. The national historic district has 6 blocks of well decorated, beautiful old homes, plus theme displays on the small roundabouts at each intersection. Start the tour on Woodland, from 4th Street. The 2013 theme is Potwin Presents and International Celebration.

More photos and a longer review of Potwin Place.

F. SW Greenwood & SW Woodlawn, Topeka, Kansas 66606

Southboro Christmas Subdivision
Southboro Christmas Display - Topeka, Kansas
Many of the homes in the Southboro Subdivision use the same white light roping that you see here. In some blocks, nearly every home has the white lights and it provides very attractive panoramas. This listing is for much of the subdivision north of the intersection of 45th and California Avenues. 

If you can tell us more about this Christmas light display and who is responsible, please email the details.

P. 4211 SE Wisconsin Avenue, Topeka, Kansas 66605

Warren Avenue Christmas Display
Warren Avenue Christmas Display - Topeka, Kansas
This Christmas Display on Warren Avenue is just a few houses south of SW 6th Street and about a half mile east of Gage Boulevard. This picture is from 2008 but the display is similar in size and style in 2013. 

If you can tell me more about this Christmas light display, please email the details.

G. 609 Warren Avenue, Topeka, Kansas 66606

Winter Wonderland XVI
Winter Wonderland XVI - Topeka, Kansas
2013 is the 16th year for Winter Wonderland, a fundraiser for TARC.  Located in the Lake Shawnee Campground, Winter Wonderland XII runs from 6 - 10 PM each night until December 31, 2013. Admission is $10 per car, $20 for Commercial vehicles or small buses, $30 for buses.

More photos and a longer review of Winter Wonderland at Lake Shawnee.

Q. 3435 SE East Edge Road, Topeka, Kansas. 66605

Seabrook Avenue Christmas Displays
Seabrook Avenue Christmas Displays - Topeka, Kansas
Seabrook Avenue has two interesting, modest light displays only a couple of houses apart, on opposite sides of the street. The 1731 Seabrook display has a large "Peace, Love & Apple Sauce" in white lights, while 1746 Seabrook has a attractive, classic Christmas light display.

If you know more about this display, please email the details.

H. 1731 & 1746 SW Seabrook Ave, Topeka, Kansas 66604

Powell Family Christmas Display
Bill and Elaine Powell Christmas light display - Topeka, Kansas William & Elaine Powell have repeatedly won prizes for their Christmas displays. The Powells' Christmas display has been smaller in 2011 & 2012, but it is still one of the nicest displays in Topeka. From SE 29th Street, turn north on Aquarius. Leo is on the right.

The Powells also do a large display for Halloween.

R. 2326 SE Leo Avenue, Topeka, Kansas 66605

Staniec Holiday Light Display
Staniec Holiday Light Display - Topeka, Kansas
The Staniec Holiday Light Display was the Grand prize winner of the 2007 & 2012 Topeka Holiday Lighting Contests. Mindy and Eric Staniec's decorations include 15,000 lights, a large cross, and a train. Our favorite feature is the row of candy canes made from lights on the fence surrounding the backyard. This is the 6th year that the Staniec display has been on the Topeka Christmas Light Tour.

I. 4321 SW 19th Street, Topeka, Kansas 66604

Jacobson Family Christmas Display
Jacobson Family Christmas Display - Topeka, Kansas
The Jacobson Family Christmas Display is spread over a large lot and I like the way that they merge the christmas decorations with the existing landscape elements, such as the way the deer are around the rocks on the right.. They have been doing a large display for several years, but 2012 was the first year it was included in the tour. Thank you to Mary Kirk for alerting is about this household!

S. 2332 SE Oakwood Drive, Topeka, Kansas 66605

Goodrich Family Christmas Display Must See!
Goodrich Family Christmas Display - Topeka, Kansas
In 2007, the Goodrich Family Christmas Display was a regional winner in Topeka's Holiday Lights Contest. Rob and Jennifer Goodrich moved to Topeka from California less than two years ago, and many of these decorations came with them from previous displays. I particularly like the lights on the roof as seen from 29th Street. This photo is from the 2009 holiday display.

J. 2844 SW Lincolnshire Court, Topeka, Kansas 66614 

Croco Road Christmas Display
Croco Road Christmas light display - Topeka, Kansas
Many of the elements of this Croco Road Christmas Display are very impressive and this is a big display. It is a bit handicapped by being partially hidden by the Croco Road I-70 overpass and by trees along the road.

If you can tell me more about this Christmas light display, please email the details.

T. 2100 Southeast Croco Road, Topeka, Kansas 66605

Cannock Chase Road Christmas Displays
Cannock Chase Road Christmas Displays - Topeka, Kansas
There is a block of nice Christmas light displays along Cannock Chase leading north from 29th Street. Two of them in particular really stand out, including the one above which is one of the first homes you see on the left side at 2819 SW Cannock Chase Road.

If you can tell me more about this Christmas light display, please email the details.

K. 2819 SW Cannock Chase, Topeka, Kansas 66614

Topeka Kansas Christmas Light Tour Map
This route takes you by all of the Topeka Christmas Displays in the same order that they
are listed above. The entire route is 35 miles and takes nearly an hour & 40 minutes to drive,
without the time spent at the displays. Or break the tour into North and South Topeka
Christmas light tours on different nights.
A, B, C & D
Displays E, F G
H, I, J, K, L & M
Displays N, O & P
Q, R & S

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