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Lawrence Kansas Holiday Light displays
These lists include many of the Lawrence and Eudora Kansas Christmas Light Displays worth going out of your way to see. Click on the photos for larger images or links to pages devoted to the individual displays. The tour changes every year and many times during the Christmas season as new displays go up. All displays have been confirmed for 2017, but new displays may still be added to the tour.

Selection for this page is subjective and I may have decided to leave off holiday displays that someone else would have included. Or maybe I haven't see them yet. Although I carefully researched where to find some of these, I stumbled across a several of these holiday light displays on the way to photograph others. Please email your suggestions for the tour.

Map of the Lawrence Kansas Christmas Light Tour. 

Lawrence Kansas Christmas Light Displays
 Howe Family Christmas Display  Map A
Howe Family Christmas light display
The Howe Family Christmas Animated Light Display includes several thousand flashing lights set to music on 98.5 FM. 2017 is the 9th year for the Christmas display which uses quite bit of RGB technology where each bulb has a computer chip in it that produces light instead of a bulb. A mega tree in the front yard has over 5,000 lights. The 2017 theme of the 10 minute program is "The Christmas Music Box. "Be sure to drive some of the adjacent streets to see some of the other nice homes in the neighborhood.

2920 Pebble Lane, Lawrence, Kansas 66047

 Ranchero Drive Christmas Display  Map E
Ranchero Drive Christmas Display - Lawrence, Kansas
I was blown away by this display the first time I stumbled upon  the Ranchero Drive Christmas Display in 2008. This display changes more than most, from year to year. Cool features for 2013 included a large fire breathing dragon and separate areas devoted to subjects like Disneyland and Farm Land. In 2014, the dragon was gone, but there is a huge light snowman. There was no display in 2016, but there is an all new display for 2017.

Just south of 13th Street and west of Monterey Way. 

1320 Ranchero Drive, Lawrence, Kansas 66049

 Garcia Family Christmas Display  Map B
Vantuyl Drive Christmas Display
Although this home on Vantuyl Drive is the most impressive, there were several nice nearby displays. Vincent Garcia's display includes recorded Christmas music playing through a speaker and flashing lights. The holiday display is turned on until about 10:30 on week nights and 11:30 on the weekends. This display remained very similar for several years, but showed more changes in 2015 with the loss of the large inflated snowman and addition of several lights.

1305 Vantuyl Drive, Lawrence, Kansas 66049

 Parkside Christmas Light Show   Map F
Parkside Christmas Light Show - Lawrence, Kansas
Mary Ann and Gary Martin's Parkside Christmas is the best known animated Christmas light display in Lawrence and was one of the coolest we have seen anywhere during the 2013 & 2014 seasons. If you approach from the north, there may be a long line of vehicles waiting for their turn to watch the sound and light show. If you approach from the south, there is usually no line. Tune your radio to 96.9FM to listen to the music which is coordinated to the flashing lights. Open through January 6.

1132 Parkside Circle, Lawrence, Kansas 66049

 Wildwood Dr & Woodridge Dr  Map C
This neighborhood display gets larger every year. In 2017 there are 41 homes near the intersection of Wildwood Drive and Woodridge Drive which have combined to run white Christmas lights in geometric patterns running from house to house and even over the street (3 times). As you drive or walk, you are surrounded by the Christmas light display. The families of Chad Dodd, Andy Frank and Michael Engel make the Holiday magic come to light. All of the lights were lost in a fire this year, but they have been replaced with 220 reels of 'soft white' LED lights.

4612 Woodridge Drive, Lawrence, Kansas 66049

 Westridge Court Holiday Lights   Map G
Westridge Court Holiday Lights - Lawrence, Kansas
Westridge Court Holiday Lights is a half block long culdesac that has a half dozen nice Christmas light displays. The home shown in the photograph above is at 3405, but there are a couple of others that could have just as easily been selected to represent this attractive collection. Thank you to Caleb Schletzbaum for first pointing this display out. Since 2013, there are pairs of 3 foot candy canes in front of each home on the culdesac.

3405 Westridge Court, Lawrence, Kansas 66049

 Santa's Lights  Map D
Santa's Lights - Lawrence, Kansas
The Fisher family returned to this Christmas light tour in 2015 with Santa's Lights. From 2011-2013 their animated display on Stone Creek Drive was on the tour, but they moved to Harvard Road and put up a new animated display featuring thousands of LED lights synchronized to music on 96.7FM. The virtual Santa Claus in the window upstairs is the signature element of the display. Up through New Year's Day.

4613 Harvard Road, Lawrence, Kansas 66049

 Massachusetts Street Holiday Trees  Map H
Massachusetts Street Christmas Lights Every tree on Massachusetts Street (the main street in Lawrence) between 6th Street and 11th Street is covered with holiday lights. There are over 200 lighted trees in downtown Lawrence. Massachusetts is a nice place to begin your Christmas light tour, perhaps starting with supper at one of the many great locally owned restaurants. Up through February 14, 2018.

600-1100 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, Kansas 66044

Lawrence Kansas Christmas Display Tour
Lawrence Christmas Light display tour map
This route is about 11.5 miles and takes about 30 minutes to drive, not including the time
spent enjoying the displays. To add the two homes in Eudora, take 23rd Street (K10) east
and exit right at the first Eudora exit.

Detail Maps (Click on maps for larger images)
Lawrence Christmas lights map 1
Lawrence Christmas lights map 2
B, C, D, E, F & G
Eudora Kansas Christmas Light Displays
 Lindeen & Musick Family Displays Map A
Eudora, Kansa Christmas light displays
These displays are 5 miles east of Lawrence, just east of Church Street in Eudora. The adjacent Lindeen and Musick families' homes have large Christmas displays including a small sound and light program with the music being played through speakers. Warning - these displays are turned off fairly early in the evening. Some nights, most of the lights are off at 9:30 PM.

2213 & 2215 North 1300 Road, Eudora, Kansas 66025

 Grinch Christmas Display Map C
Eudora, Kansa Christmas light displays
The Johnson family started their Grinch Christmas Display in 2013. It was the idea of Ryan Johnson, who likes Christmas less than his wife, Kelly, does. The displays is rearranged as new handmade wooden cutouts are added. 2017 is the first year that this display has been on the the Eudora Christmas Light Display Tour.

1618 Cedar Street, Eudora, Kansas 66025

County Road 1061 Display Map B
Eudora, Kansa Christmas light displays
This display on County Road 1061 (Church Street), across from Eudora High School had been mentioned on this tour in passing as worth seeing on the way to the Lindeen & Musick Family Displays for many years, but since 2016 the display has been bigger and it has its own listing. It is a sprawling light display, much like the other two, but not quite as large.

1274 County Road 1061, Eudora, Kansas 66025

Christmas Light Map - Eudora, Kansas
Eudora Christmas Light Map

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