Four Women on the Route

Kan-O-Tex service station on old Route 66

119 North Main Street
Galena, Kansas 66739
(620) 783-1366

Open Monday - Saturday: 8AM - 5PM
(grill open 11AM - 3PM)

Four Women on the Route Kan-O-Tex station in Galena, Kansas
Tow Mater from Radiator Springs in the movie Cars
"Tow Tater" is the 1951 International Boom truck that inspired the character of "Tow Mater" in the movie Cars.

The old Kan-O-Tex service station at the north end of Main Street in Galena, Kansas has been purchased by 4 women from Galena: Betty Courtney, Melba Rigg, Renee Charles and Judy Courtney. They are helping lead the rebirth of Galena's stretch of Historic Route 66. 

The original plan was to turn the old KanOtex station into a farmer's market. But the vision has grown and Four Women hope to develop up to 4 buildings near this intersection. One may become a bed and breakfast and another may become the farmer's market.

But this Kan-O-Tex service station is now restored. They sell sandwiches, snacks, antiques, Route 66 and Car's items, including several made by local craftspeople and artists. Outside the building there will be several vehicles, including the mining boom truck that inspired the character "Tow Mater" in Radiator Springs from the movie Cars. For trademark reasons, Four Women are calling their boom truck "Tow Tater." Tow Tater still runs and can be hired to appear at special events.

I think that you will find meeting the Four Women on the Route and their families as much fun as their wonderful building.

Melba Rigg with scrap book and Radiator Springs memorabilia
Melba Rigg with a scrapbook about the 4 Women project.

Galena's new snack bar
Galena's new snack bar in the garage at Four Women on the Route.

Four Women on the Route menu
4 Women on the Route menu in April, 2008. Click on photo for a bigger image of the menu.

Route 66 restroom
Restored rest room with Route 66 maps and decorations.

Route 66, Radiator Springs and Cars crafts and souvineers for sale.
Route 66 and Cars crafts and souvenirs for sale.

Clay Tow Tater (Tow Mater)
Clay Tow Tater (Matter) crafts for sale

Route 66 KanOtex gasoline pump.
KanOtex gasoline pump.

Tow Mater wrecker from Radiator Springs - Tow Tater boom truck
Tow Tater


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